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Karikatur Seorang Anak Perempuan dengan Komputernya

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Kompetisi Seni Rupa International

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Kesempatan bagi Seniman Indonesia untuk unjuk kebolehan di kontes Seni Rupa International. Siapa tahu bisa jadi pemenang dan membawa harum nama bangsa…Ayo Indonesia!!

The Artist’s Magazine 26th Annual Art Competition Details


More than $25,000 in Cash Prizes!
5 First Place Awards: $2,500 each
5 Second Place Awards: $1,250 each
5 Third Place Awards: $750 each
15 Honorable Mentions: $100 each

Winners will be featured and finalists’ names will be published in the December 2009 issue of The Artist’s Magazine. 13 finalists will be featured in The Artist’s Magazine’s 2009 Calendar. In addition, nine finalists will be featured in the “Competition Spotlight” in The Artist’s Magazine , 12 finalists will be featured as “Artist of the Month” on our website, and all winners and finalists will receive a certificate suitable for framing.

Plus, the Student/Beginner Division (for artists age 16 or over who (1) have been enrolled in a post-high school art program for no more than four years OR (2) have pursued art on their own or in workshops/lessons for no more than four years):

5 First Place Awards: $150 each
5 Second Place Awards: $75 each
5 Third Place Awards: $50 each

Award Winners in the Student/Beginner division will be featured in the January/February 2010 issue of The Artist’s Magazine.

PLUS all Award Winners and Honorable Mentions receive a 1-year subscription to The Artist’s Magazine.

Deadline: May 1, 2009


Compete and Win in 5 Categories!

Portrait and figure entries can be individuals or groups, and will be judged on expressiveness, personality and draftsmanship.

Portrait/Figure Juror: Nelson Shanks
Nelson Shanks studied in Florence with Pietro Annigoni and at the Accademia di Belle Arti; he has taught at the Art Institute of Chicago School, the Art Students League, the National Academy of Design, George Washington University and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Along with Leona Shanks, he founded the atelier, Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia. Among his recent commissions are portraits of Luciano Pavarotti for the Metropolitan Opera, Mstislav Rostropovich for the Kennedy Center, and Denyce Graves for the National Portrait Gallery. To see his work, visit

Still Life/Floral
Entries will be judged on overall design, unique arrangement of subject matter, handling of medium, lighting and mood.

Still Life/Floral Juror: Jane Jones
Jane Jones has had solo exhibitions at The Peterson Cody Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico and at LeKAE Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. Her work is in the collections of the St. Louis University Museum in St. Louis, MO and the Marriott Corporation in Bethesda, MD. She is the author of Classical Still Life Painting: a contemporary master reveals how to achieve Old Master effects using today’s art materials (Watson-Guptill Publications, 2004). Her work has appeared The Best of Flower Painting, volumes 1 and II (North Light Books, 1197 and 1999). To learn more, visit

Any landscape, from city scenes to imaginary horizons, will be judged on the creative use of form, space, lighting and mood.

Landscape/Interior Juror: Susan Shatter
Susan Shatter has an MFA from Boston University and a BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She has won several grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as from the Ingram-Merrill and Pollak-Krasner foundations. Currently she is president of the National Academy of Design; she has taught at the University of Pennsylvania, the Parsons School of Design, Hunter College, the University of Texas in San Antonio, and at many other prestigious schools. Shatter has shown her watercolors at the DFN Gallery and Fishbach Gallery in New York City and at the Huntington Museum of Art. To see her work, visit

With unlimited subject matter, entries will be judged on creative use of design, texture, media, lighting or special techniques.

Abstract/Experimental Art Juror: Jimmy Wright
Distinguished in two media—pastel and oil—Jimmy Wright has a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an MFA from Southern Illinois University. A former visiting artist at American University in Washington, DC, and at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, he has work in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at the Center for Book and Paper Arts in Chicago. He regularly shows his paintings on canvas and paper at DC Moore Gallery in New York City and at Roger Ramsay Gallery in Chicago. To see his work, visit

Any animal in any setting is fair game for this category. Entries will be judged on the innovative handling of the subject, the expression and rendering.

Animal/Wildlife Juror: David N. Kitler
World traveler, naturalist, conservationist, David N. Kitler is an elected member both the Society of Animal Artists and the Artists for Conservation Foundation. Among the many awards he has won in The Artist’s Magazine’s annual competitions is the 2007 First Place in the Animal/Wildlife category. Guest artist for the 2007 Baillie Birdathon, he had three picture included in the Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) National Art Print Portfolio. His paintings in graphite and acrylic were shown at the Artists for the New Century exhibition at the Bennington Center for the Arts in Vermont. To see his work, visit


The competition is open to artists anywhere in the world. Only original artwork, conceived and created by the entrant, will be considered. Work done in photography, including any use of photographs or photocopies other than as minor elements of a collage, will not be considered. Digital or computer-generated artwork will not be considered. Sculpture will not be considered. Employees of F+W Media, Inc., and their immediate families, are not eligible.

Slide Entries: 35mm slides must be accompanied by an Entry Form. Odd-sized, glass or metal slide frames will not be accepted. You may enter work in any and all categories; there is no limit to the number of slides you may enter. You may mail all your entries in one large envelope as long as slides for each category are grouped together in smaller envelopes inside.

Slides should be labeled individually and legibly and should not be taped together. Each submitted slide must include the following information: a) On the front (“front” is the side that faces you when you hold it up to the light to be viewed), note the category, the medium (oil, watercolor, etc.), the artwork’s title and dimensions, and the top direction. If you’re entering in the Student Division, please also print the word “Student” after the category name. b) On the back, write your name, address and phone number.

Incomplete entry forms and improperly marked slides will be disqualified.

Digital Entries: All entries must be digital files accompanied by an Entry Form. You may enter work in any and all categories; there is no limit to the number of images you may enter. You may mail all your entries in on one CD. Please include a separate sheet that gives the title, medium (oil, watercolor, etc.) and dimensions of each image. The titles of the images on the CD must match the titles on the sheet. Image files cannot exceed 500KB or a height or width greater than 800 pixels. The file must be saved as a JPEG in RGB color mode (not CMYK). Incomplete entry forms and information sheets, and improperly named image files will be disqualified.

Fees and Payment: All entries in the Student/Beginner Division (for artists age 16 and over who (1) have been enrolled in a post-high school art program for no more than four years OR (2) have pursued art on their own or in workshops/lessons for no more than four years) are $12.50 per slide or image. All others are $15 per slide or image. A credit card number and signature or a check or money order for the required jury fee (in U.S. funds, drawn on a U.S. bank) must accompany your entry. Or you may enter online using a credit card. There will be a $10 charge for all returned checks or declined credit cards. Credit cards will be charged within 90 days of contest deadline. Charges will appear as “F+W contests.”

Materials: Slides and CDs will not be returned (so have a duplicate made for your own files). The Artist’s Magazine will not be responsible for the loss, damage or return of any slides or CDs submitted to the competition.

Entries must be postmarked no later than May 1, 2009.

Entries will be prejudged and then finalists will be chosen by the magazine staff. Award winners and honorable mentions will be selected by the jurors named above. All properly prepared entries will be viewed and judged. The decision of the jurors is final. The jurors reserve the right to recategorize entries.

All winners will be notified by August 1, 2009
. The results will not otherwise be made public until they are published in The Artist’s Magazine. Non-winning entrants will not be individually notified of the results. Your cancelled check or credit-card charge will be notification for receipt of your entry. To be notified directly of your entry’s receipt, include a self-addressed, stamped postcard.

The Artist’s Magazine Annual Art Competition
700 E. State Street
Iola, WI 54990



Occasionally we make portions of our customer list available to other companies so they may contact you about products and services that may interest you. If you prefer we withhold your name, send a note with your name, address and the competition name to: List Manager, F+W Media, 4700 East Galbraith Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

Deadline: May 1, 2009


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Setelah dilakukan revisi dari sketsa akhirnya disepakati posisi menggendongnya seperti ini. Kemudian tambahan tulisan ” be a gud boY” seperti diatas.  Terima kasih kepada Mbak Windi, komentarnya saya tambahkan  di testimonial.

The making of Tranformer Caricature – Not Finished..

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Sebuah karikatur transformer dibuat secara digital, namun seperti biasa dilakukan melalui proses sketsa terlebih dahulu menyesuaikan aksi yang diminta…

Proses Pembuatan Karikatur Digital Bertema Ultah

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Proses pembuatan karikatur digital dilakukan dalam 3 tahapan proses yaitu:  Sketsa atau Sketching (seperti terlihat pada gambar diatas). Sketsa tentunya merujuk pada photo figur atau bisa juga berhadapan langsung dengan orang yang akan dibuatkan karikatur. Setelah proses ini selanjutnya dilakukan proses Inking


Proses Inking adalah memperjelas garis-garis hasil sketsa untuk selanjutnya memasuki proses colouring


Proses colouring karikatur yang dibuat sangat menentukan gambar yang dibuat akan mirip dengan figur aslinya atau tidak. Proses ini memakan waktu lebih lama dari proses-proses sebelumnya. Gradasi warna menjadi hal yang serius selalu diperhatikan pada saat coluring. Bila tidak gambar akan menjadi flat.


Setelah figur utama karikatur selesai, saatnya memberikan tambahan objek lain untuk memperjelas maksud atau pesan dari karikatur. Walaupun ini adalah tahapan akhir dari proses karikatur digital. Proses ini akan melengkapi dan mempercantik hasil karikatur yang telah dibuat.

Karikatur Bapak Walikota

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Sebuah pesanan karikatur Bapak Walikota Tegal. Dibuat secara manual (hand painting). Latar belakang adalah ciri khas kota Tegal.  Sayangnya kami belum pernah ke sana.  Semoga apabila ada waktu dan kesempatan kami bisa berkunjung dan melihat aslinya  seperti yang kami lukiskan

Gaza in Blood and Fire…

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Sumber: International Gaza Cartoon

Konflik Israel – Palestina yang tidak kunjung reda membuat beberapa karikaturis dunia menyalurkan expresinya melalui gambar karikatur. Berapa banyak rakyat sipil, anak-anak, wanita yang sudah menjadi korban atas kekejaman tentara Israel. Beberapa diantara hasil karya mereka adalah gambar karikatur diatas.